Valentines Day Gifts When You’re Single and Nerdy

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Ah, Valentines Day. A day for couples to show us, single people, how lucky they are and how UNLUCKy we are. 



 After getting a divorce from my husband, I found that while I loved my new found freedom, the prospect of Holidays was a little daunting. This was my first Valentines Day since it happened that I would be actually single and “alone”.  Personally, I’m a hopeless romantic and love being showered with gifts. I can’t help that, it’s just one of my love languages. But gifts don’t have to be expensive or store bought to mean anything. If someone picked me flowers they saw on the side of the road, or wrote a letter and left a sweet note, I’d be happy as a clam. 

By the way, what does that saying even MEAN? Are Clams really that happy? They seem pretty normal to me. 

Anyway, that’s beside the point. I’ll have to look that up later and find it out. Random facts amuse me, so…

The point is that any Holiday, not just one that is based on love and shoving propaganda and making us single women painfully aware that we’re single, can make you feel a little…off. You might not know how to handle it or what you should do. 

Well, here’s my little handy-dandy to-do list for single gals and a couple of cute gifts you can buy yourself. Not to mention, using discount: gloria for ANY and ALL of the items, gets you an extra 10% off and that makes it even better. 


Make a plan to do something

Even if it’s just work, you can still stay busy. 



Well, sorta.  My plan is to work a normal full-shift for work and then do a little retail therapy and self-care. 


Pamper yourself!

Even if you can’t afford a massage and getting your nails done(I know I can’t. Hello home pedicures!), you can turn your home into a little spa. Fill the tub up with bubbles and candles of your favorite scent.  I like the smell of vanilla so I use that one the most. 



Even if it’s not a Holiday, sometimes getting yourself something nice just makes you feel good! The best part is you can do this from the comfort of your own home so that nobody has to see you and you can lounge around in your robe.  I’m especially partial to the Pokemon Terrariums. They’re so cute! My little nerd heart is so happy! 









Its just a few items, but any item in their shop is eligible for the discount.  And saving money on stuff you really want makes it even better! Don’t forget! Use discount: gloria to get an extra 10% off! 


The truth is, that being single can suck. I know it’s hard. There are days where I question if all the good men are already taken and I’ll be forced to live my life alone with my dogs.  But then, that doesn’t actually sound bad.  I LOVE my life right now.  No matter where you are in your journey, if you’re single or not, you have to be okay with who you are as a person FIRST. Your partner doesn’t complete you.  You are ALREADY enough. Your person will be someone who enhances your life and makes it better, not difficult or stressed out. 

You’ve got this cupcake! And now I want cupcakes, haha

What plans do you already have for the holiday? Let me know in the comment below!

And as always, keep smiling! 


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