The Truth About Gamer Girls…From A Gamer Girl

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“You’re not a real gamer girl. You’re just wearing glasses and holding a controller.” “Name two other games besides Candy Crush and Pokemon Go.”

I can’t tell you the number of times this has come up in real conversations. There’s a stereotype of the elusive “gamer girl” and not all of them are good. In fact, over half are NOT. If you look up in just a regular search engine for gamer girls, you usually find scantily clad women biting on the edge of a controller and leaning over suggestively. 

Women, in general, are already objective by their peers. We’re judged based off of what we wear, our skin color, our likes/dislikes…EVERYTHING. And we literally can’t please everyone. We can love books which makes the nerds happy but the jocks will laugh. And vice versa. Here’s a little bit of reality for ya’ll…we’re not all one thing. A person can like video games and sports AND makeup. It doesn’t matter their gender or color or ANYTHING else. 

My husband is an avid gamer. When he comes home from work, he goes straight to his computer, boots up his Steam account and starts playing the flavor of the week. When we first started dating, it was a sore spot for me. My ex was the same way and had been abusive so I was triggered by video games and not in a good way. He was always asking me to play and I kept refusing. Sometimes even now I still will, usually because he asks right when I’m finally going to sleep or just waking up( and doesn’t he know not to talk to me before I have had my caffeine) but we usually work it out. 

But I’ve found that there are a few games that I actually love to play. Divinity Original Sin has been my favorite. I played for 6 hours straight and still, love it.  It was the first game that the hubby and I played together and I hope to grow to the list. I’m still trying to get used to Skyrim but I HATE the map. I wish it was better but otherwise, I love the gameplay. 


I love playing Fantasy First Player games. My bestie has been hooked on Dragon Age but gets frustrated with the map so I know I will as well. Breath of the Wild came out and I love watching the reviews(The Angry Joe Show on YouTube is the best) for it. I haven’t played it yet(Shocking! I know!) but we plan too. And of course, I love the classics like SuperSmash Bros and Mario Party. I grew up playing those with my brothers as well as Lugi’s Mansion and Mario Sunshine. It’s nostalgic for me and I still love them.  

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. How you can make a living and a paycheck from playing video games

Rampage Knights has been a great stress relief for me as well and I usually laugh my way through the gameplay. I’m watching Markiplier go through the new Five Night at Freddy’s and oh my cheezits, it’s good!!! I love seeing all the game theories for it. But what’s the truth? I know most of my readers are already gamers so let me know if you agree with this!


We don’t play games  naked

Now, this might be on a case by case basis but the majority of my girlfriends who do play a ton of video games usually are in yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt.  We wear whatever is comfortable for us, not for pleasing any male in the room.

Just Because We’re Buying a Game, Doesn’t Mean It’s For Our Boyfriend. It’s For Us

This happens a lot in GameStop or Planet Comics. I love both stores but the social anxiety gets to me every time and I just want to order off of Steam like normal. 

If It’s Not For Our Boyfriend, That Doesn’t Mean We’re Single and Want to Be Hit On

Ditto for the flip side of this. Just…no. Please stop. 

We Don’t Have To Prove Our Nerdiness to You

It’s a huge pet peeve of mine that when some people find out that I play and actually LIKE playing video games, I suddenly have to go through a whole journey and five side quests to prove it. 


 So what’s the truth behind Gamer Girls? Well, we’re just human beings. Ask us what our favorite music is or if we prefer soda or tea. You’ll see me with my nose stuck in a book or entrapped in a game, but that’s OKAY. We might be a little introverted and shy, but if you’re kind to us, we’ll be grateful. We can giggle and squeal over our favorite characters with you or just hang out. You’ll find that we probably have something in common. We won’t bite! 

WoW. Dynasty Addons. The Truth about Gamer Girls...From a Gamer Girl

If you’re a WoW fan, by clicking the image above you can get some great game addons which I know you’ll love. What games are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, keep smiling! 

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