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Steampunk Ariel Warrior Halloween Costume/Cosplay: How-To

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Who already has their costume ready for Halloween this year? I know I’ve been putting it off for awhile since I’ve been so busy. We’re having a costume contest at work and I decided to create something new this year. Last year, I went as Ariel in her human clothes, but I wanted something a bit more creative this time. While browsing Pinterest, I found a lot of steampunk Ariel costumes and fell in love.  

steampunk ariel little mermaid halloween costume cosplay steampunk ariel little mermaid halloween costume cosplay


I had a lot of fun with this cosplay. My main inspirations came from these cosplayers

steampunk ariel little mermaid halloween costume cosplay steampunk ariel little mermaid halloween costume cosplay

I tried to find the original artist or the photographer but the images on Pinterest where I got these just said random Tumblr accounts. Total disclaimer here, I don’t own those images and obviously the character. Major kudos to the cosplayers for being awesome. 

The first piece of the costume that I decided to do was the leggings. I found a great pair on Amazon for around 8 dollars. I went for the darker shade of green they had, but they do offer lighter shades as well. Originally, I had a black corset as well to go with the outfit but since the weight gain, I had to opt for a black shaper instead.

The next piece was the top. I ended up choosing this bellydancer top instead since it’s pretty chilly here. 

steampunk ariel little mermaid Halloween costume cosplay leggings steampunk little mermaid ariel Halloween costume cosplay

I used a hair cap over my face to create the mermaid scales and the wig I still had from last year. The hubby collects swords and I used a few for the photoshoot. I also had a holster but the one I got from online refused to stay up if I moved at all. 

The Final Masterpiece!

All in all, we had a lot of fun and I’ll be adding this to my cosplay collection. I’m working on our Ladybug and Chat Noir cosplay still and will update when it’s finished. 

What cosplays and costumes are in the works for ya’ll? Let me know how the progress is going. 

As always, keep smiling! 

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29 thoughts on “Steampunk Ariel Warrior Halloween Costume/Cosplay: How-To

  1. Wow this is so cool. We just went to the Oamaru Steampunk HQ the other day so steampunk is still fresh on my mind. We don’t celebrate Halloween in New Zealand, but I’ll still pass on the idea to my daughter as she enjoys cosplay.

  2. Some people are clearly more talented than others! Ha, I am not one of them. But you are, and this turned out really awesome!

  3. Well done! Normally I find human Ariel costumes to be kinda meh, it feels overdone and hipster Ariel is so tiring. I like this mashup though. Those cosplayers you drew inspiration from are lovely. Wish I had skills like that. Kudos for your take on them. -Fox

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