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How to Save Money When You’re Depressed AF

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How to Save Money When You’re Depressed AF

Can anyone actually survive on 10 dollars an hour? Recently, a life change caused me to reevaluate the income I was bringing in and how I could survive on one income. How did ANYONE survive on such a low income?

I’ve seen COUNTLESS articles from others who have talked about how to “Budget” and “Saving Money”. I’ve read posts from others surviving on TEN dollars an hour. Rarely though, did I see someone live on 10 dollars an hour as a SINGLE income.  They all had other ways of income. Sure, blogging is a way of income, but I won’t be making it on my own with just 1 or 3 dollars a month.

I love my blog and decided that having it be monetized wasn’t for me.  This is my little corner of the Internet and if making money was my goal, then I was just losing who I was and what I needed to grow. 

Sorry, ya’ll but that’s not what this blog is for. Still, I wanted to throw in my own little opinion on how I’ve saved money this year and how I’m getting out of debt. Regardless if you’re married or not, you can use this for just ONE income. But what happens when you’re also depressed and introverted as all get out? 

Right now I live with my in-laws. But in about 5 months(at the latest) I’ll be moving into another home. My hubby and I have taken a separation for a little while and I can no longer depend on his income.

While this life occurrence was upsetting it wasn’t surprising. In a previous article, I talked about how I was asexual and it caused some rifts in our relationship.  He’s still a close and good friend, we’re just needing some time apart to grow and learn WITHOUT depending on the other.  We love the other, but we’re not IN love. 

So how will the income look? How can I save money?

Well, right now our rent is 600. The two places that I’m looking at is either 625 or 700 a month. I was needing a pet-friendly place since I will not give up my furbaby, Koda. She keeps me calm and gives me too much joy. I get at least 32 hours a week but I can do 40 if needed. Even at 40 hours, I’m not always in the green for saving money. So, what does my budget look like?

Rent: 625-700

Phone: 83

I haven’t used my phone for a few months except for Wi-Fi. I couldn’t afford it. I’m thinking of doing away with it and just using the Wi-Fi and getting a flip phone for calls and such like that. I normally only call my folks back home so that would be the only reason I would need to have one. 

Doctor bill: 53(14 months left)

I’m still paying off my doctor bill each month.  Luckily they had a payment plan but still. This was from my cervical cancer last year. I beat it but I’m still paying for all the hospital trips and stupid tests. You can read the post for that at the link here

Dentist bill: 51.75 (12 months left)

I just had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn’t afford to pay the full surgery. I had to be put under with a twilight sedation( not AS expensive as being fully put under) but they had a payment plan after paying 30%. It sucks not having insurance, but when I changed jobs, I lost my insurance coverage as well. I had to do what I had to do. And I HAD to get rid of all that pain in my mouth. I was crying daily and could barely open my mouth. It feels great to have real food again! 

Car payment: 243

I HATE that we have this. It’ll be paid off in 6 months and we can either trade it or keep it. I work from home so I don’t need a car except for running errands and grocery shopping. I plan to keep it until it dies even though a nice car would be super nice, but it’s just a luxury and I would rather know that I have a fully stocked fridge/freezer than a nice looking eye-candy car. 

Car Insurance: 100

Again, I want to try to find something cheaper but I have to wait till it’s only in my name. Now that I’m 26, I should be getting a cheaper insurance. 

Food: 200 a month

This should be lowering but I’m unsure what it will be. Right now I pay for both Chris and me in our food budget and it’s 400 so I just halved it for myself. We eat well but I LOVE my soda and frozen foods. I’m not much of a cook so I’m trying to do better so I can eat better and hopefully save more money. I’m a REALLY picky eater so it’s hard to find foods I like. I tolerate them more than I like. But I love stir fry and rice. I eat a lot of noodles and rice with chicken and veggies. Luckily those can be cheap and super filling to make! I’ve been looking at tons of budgets others have done for their family. I hate that I’m so picky, but I make it work!

Internet: 75

I have to have this. One, it’s for my work and two, it’s essential for me. I NEED it for all my blogging stuff, reading mangas and writing fanfictions. And of course, watching anime.

Netflix/Hulu: 22(10 for Netflix and 11 for Hulu)

I plan to pick just one when I’m on my own but I’m unsure which one. I use Hulu for watching regular TV like the Bachelor and reality tv shows when I need that mindless release. But Netflix has better TV shows for kids, movies, and documentaries. And I like their layout more.  And Hulu has the annoying habit of buffering and shutting down in the middle of an episode, so it’s really hard to settle down and binge-watch anything. But I love the Bachelor….and Gravity Falls. I wish we could pick and choose! Having both would be awesome but just can’t do it. 

Boxycharm: 21

I LOVE this. It’s a monthly subscription that sends you 4 or 5 FULL sized makeup products each month. It retails for about 200 plus and getting it for 21 dollars a month is a deal! I know that this is something that is more of a want than a need, but I love getting this each month. It’s a little gift each month and I love the makeup! I think it was July or August they were sending Tarte Rainforest of the Sea pallets. But if I need to save money, that’s the first to go. (Insert tears here)

That comes to 1474 a month. At the lowest anyway. If my rent is 700 or one of them changes, then the number will change as well. 

So what am I going to do? Well, what works for me might not be something another person can do. But for me, I’m going to start doing my 40 hours a week. That will bring my monthly income to 1600 so I can have a few dollars left over to put in savings or my emergency fund. 

I’ve started using this as a cheat seat for saving weekly and it’s been SO helpful! Here’s the link to WhatMommyDoes and all of her amazing content. You can get your own links there as well. 


I’m also starting the Dave Ramsey money saving fund of at LEAST 1000 before any other purchases that aren’t needed. So even though I have a cart full on Amazon and Etsy, I won’t be buying anything until I have those savings. I mean, yes I WANT to buy all the books I have in my cart, but I know I shouldn’t. Buying online is just SO EASY. When you’re introverted, online is the way to go. I can shop around, buy what I want and have it delivered without ever having to open my mouth (or get out of bed). 

I’m addicted to clothes shopping online. And especially on Amazon. They have EVERYTHING. Plus, you can make lists. I have one for Christmas started already, as well as birthdays, all my books and cosplays. I even have one for food storage and all my new home decor when I move out. It’s like Pinterest but I have to pay for it. (Dramatic sob here)

I did go ahead and order The Happiness Project. I talked about that in a previous post when I finally announced my marriage was ending. It was a tough pill to swallow and learning how to be independent again scares the crap out of me. We were together for three years, and I finally had fully trusted someone. I still trust him, but now I have to be able to trust myself with finances and living on my own again. 

You can buy your own copy of The Happiness Project Here! 

This is just the rough idea. I have to start somewhere.  I’ll have to update more when it actually starts. I’m keeping track of everything and look forward to seeing where this goes. I’m unsure of what utilities I will have to pay or which payments I’ll change. This is just my rough draft, but in a way, it’s also a fresh start. I can go anywhere now. With a little hard work and a ton of hope, I can do this. 

We all can do this. 

As always keep smiling! 


If you want to see the original post for How to Work from Home as a Depressed Introvert, just click the link here!     

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