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The Otaku’s Office: Room Decor and November Blog Income

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Everyone has their own style. It’s a way of expressing yourself. Even as a cosplayer, you can add your own sense of style to the cosplays to make it your own. Usually, that’s a gender-bend of a character and I absolutely love seeing those! I already love Disney and this one is one of my favorites! I included the link so that you can check out these awesome gender-bend cosplayers! 


As I started this blog, I was overwhelmed by all the different advice I was getting. I wanted a place to voice my fan theories and show the cosplays I had created on a budget. As a proud introverted cosplayer, I wanted a way to voice opinions and thoughts without being loud. I had to learn how to get myself out there more while still being true to my heart. 

One thing that I learned, was that everyone’s journey is different. You can’t base your page one on someone else’s chapter eleven. It takes a LOT of work and time. 

I had a few goals this month. One was to raise my followers for each social media account by 100 and to also raise my blog views by 100. 

Previous stats then and now: 

Facebook: o since I started a whole new one/1114

Twitter: 593/710

Pinterest: 1575/1774

Instagram: 778/1177

Email Subscribers: 1100/1206

I was super surprised by the increase in my Instagram followers. Insta and Twitter had always been my lowest since I barely used it and I couldn’t see how it could bring traffic to my blog. For Instagram, I revamped all my photos and started following people actually in my niche. So, people who also loved anime and cosplay and it made a world of difference!

 So, did I reach my goals? You bet! Next month I want the same numbers doubled so we’ll see if I can keep this streak up! 


 Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder


Anywho, onto the Room Decor!

Ya’ll already know I work from home. The company is Full Creative and I love them! I also have my blog which is full-time in itself. I believe that you have to create the right space for your work or everything just becomes too cluttered. Being married though can cause a slight disagreement with the decorations. My hubby is a total gamer and kind of a slob(sorry hun, you know it’s true). He likes things to look lived-in while I like minimalist yet cute. 


Most of my inspiration for room decor comes from pasteljellybean( It’s such a cute style and I love how it gives it an otaku feel to the area. 



the otaku's room: office decor and nerd Style


See what I mean? Her style is so cute. I included the link to her awesome blog for ya’ll to check out. I LOVE pink and purple and all things plush and cute. Some people might think that’s surprising since I’m always wearing black…or maybe more black. 

Look at how cute this Lumpy Space Princess Plushie is!  How can you not love it? I already love Adventure Time and this plushie just makes it better. I’m still working on my Marceline and B-Mo cosplay and can’t wait to have those updated for ya’ll! 

These Sailor Moon phone covers are so adorkable! The perfect addition to your room decor. I mean look at how cute they are! 

One common misconception is that anime is just for kids. It’s one of the main things I hear since engaging in Facebook groups.

Well, it’s not.

I’m 25 years old and can say that some of these shows should NOT be watched by kids. They deal with bigger issues such as depression, bullying, and death. I just finished an anime based on a video game called Diabolik Lovers and I was pretty much yelling at my tv the whole time at how STUPID the main characters were. It’s basically a reverse rape harem and the main heroine(if you can even bear to call her that) is spineless and whines the whole time. I’ve heard the game is better but I could barely stomach the show. I kept watching since I thought it would get better and…it…did…not. I highly regret it. 

Still, that’s one anime I don’t even want to watch, much less a child. 

When you decorate your room or your home, it doesn’t just end with the furniture or the posters. Your style goes into play as well which is why I love finding cute and fun articles of clothing and accessories to wear as well. 

How can you not love this skirt and knee-high boots? It has a BOW and ruffles! It’s so charming and cute and I just love it with some tights and a plain top. 

By the way, if you buy any of these links, enter the discount gloria and you’ll receive 10% off!! 

What are your plans for your otaku decor? Once our room is finished, I’ll post the pictures but it’s still in the unboxing stage! We have more figurines coming in as well(Black Butler and Fairy Tail) and I can’t wait to display them on our shelves!

As always, keep smiling! 

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