Why You Need a Life Coach for Your Blog

Why You Need a Life Coach for Your Blog

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why you need a life coach for your blog when you're feeling anxious and depressed.


Wouldn’t you love to have a Life Coach tell you exactly how you can reach your goals? I know of several mornings where I would love to just have a do-over on my day or just stay in bed the whole time. Sadly, we all have to do this thing called “work” so we can afford Netflix and sushi…

Just me? Okay. Sometimes I also spend money on my furbaby as well. She’s spoiled. 


Many of you who follow my blog already know that I battled cancer and WON earlier this year. Due to the chemotherapy and other medications and illnesses I had, I was no longer able to keep my job. After some searching and some good luck, I actually found a work at home job as an Email Marketing Analyst. But I also started my own business as a Life Coach and have to say, I’m surprised by how much JOY it brings me. 

What does a Life Coach bring you?

  • someone to plan your goals with
  • stress relief 
  • a sounding board
  • a mentor
  • someone who will kick your butt to make sure you keep your goals!


Well, kicking your butt no, but we do make sure you stick with your goals plans. We start by tackling your goals and what’s keeping you from reaching them. For many of us, fear keeps us from reaching our goals. We’re anxious and afraid that “maybe our blog isn’t going to matter to anyone.” There are tons of reasons why we might not be reaching our goals.




You can go ahead and sign up for The Heal Your Heart Ultimate Training Course

What’s holding you back? Finances? Fear? Freaking everything?

I KNOW that we can develop a game plan for YOUR business. Want more views on your website? Let’s do it! Want to quit your day job and blog full-time? All right, let’s start!

What’s holding you back? Go ahead and sign up today!

As always, keep smiling!


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  1. I live with a life coach so i can say its a really good idea to get one !

  2. Your website name caught my eye and I wasn’t disappointed. Motivating post- thanks!

  3. Thanks for this, some people have a hard time sticking to their schedule so i can totally see why blog life coaches would be a thing now!

  4. This is interesting! I’ve always been unsure about getting a life coach or not..

  5. Author

    You should do it! I’ve found that it’s always super helpful having someone in your corner. We’re on Team YOU! (Gosh, that was cheesy)

  6. Coaching is always beneficial. It helps you to see all the problems from a different set of eyes and you receive guidance on how to tackle them.

  7. I’ve never had a life coach before, but after reading about some of your insights and the benefits of having one, I might just try one in the future!

  8. I have always wanted to talk to a life coach about my future and my blog. Hopefully one day I can use those services.

  9. I think a life coach is a good thing to have every now and then. We all get stressed and sometimes we need an outsider to put us on the right path.

  10. I have such a hard time sticking to schedules and staying on track sometimes. I wish I had a life coach!

    1. Author

      They are so helpful! I had one as well before I became one and really think that everyone should have one. There’s a trial period if you’re interested in talking with one that’s free of charge.

  11. I love this post!!! Blogging and keeping to my schedule has been a struggle but I bought a calendar/organizer and it has helped tremendously! I am working on getting ahead so I don’t fall too behind when I have health flare-ups.

  12. You make some great points about how life coaches can keep you on track. Having someone to hold you accountable is always good, and it’s even better when it’s not a significant other or friend.. so you dont get annoyed with them haha!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille // SCsScoop.com

  13. Thank you so much for this beautiful post, you really opened my eyes there. We need to fight every single day for the things we want in life, and your positivity impressed me! 🙂

  14. I never considered getting a life coach – love this idea, thanks!

  15. This sounds like a great idea and resource for so many struggling with anxiety, depression and illness. I’m glad you are feeling better and WON. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your story.

  16. I feel like I need my own little person on my shoulder shouting words of encouragement. I would definitely benefit from this

  17. There is so many simmilarities to this and what I do! (I’m a health coach). Love it!

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