How to Make the Day Suck Less

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Motivation is hard to come by when you’re depressed. It’s hard even if you’re just tired, or stressed out. Last month, I started my new job and I found that after the new job high wore off, I was struggling to stay motivated. I looked on Pinterest, which is my go-to for almost everything, but most of the motivational quotes were for working out or heartbreaks. Which, yes, is exactly up my alley, but I was looking for something more specific. I wanted a list of ways to help when you’re depressed but still need to keep working.  

So, how do we stay motivated when you’re depressed? Well, keep reading…

Motivation when you're depressed


1: Create a Go-To Happy Routine

Whenever you’re having a particularly bad day, it’s nice to know we have something to fall back on. For me, I grab a Root Beer(it’s the best ya’ll) and I fill up a bubble bath with tons of bath bombs and then I’ll soak in the tub. Once I’ve done that, I’ll wear my comfiest clothes and curl up on my bed with my puppy and watch Netflix. I’m pretty much addicted to Netflix but it helps with winding down. Usually, I’ll paint my toes or eat a bunch of Reeses’s Cups. Not the healthiest thing ever, but I only eat about 4 of them and they help with keeping me calmed down. 


2: Spend Some Time Outside

I don’t like going outside that much. I’m too introverted for my own good and dealing with agoraphobia as well can make it difficult. But getting my Vitamin D can instantly boost your mood. What I do, is I’ll let my puppy out since we have a fenced backyard, and I’ll sit on the steps and wait for her to be done. The ten minutes outside calms me down and I know Koda loves terrorizing the neighbors. She’s about 8 pounds of pure fluff but likes to pretend she’s scary.


3: Offer Yourself a Reward

This can go hand in hand with my Go-To routine but offering yourself a reward can help you reach a goal even faster. Every night, I award myself with something good whether it’s food or a binge session of Netflix. Now, food isn’t always the answer to everything so usually my rewards are different unless I’m just having a really off day. I set daily rewards, weekly rewards, and even monthly rewards. 











4: Be Kind To Yourself

One of the biggest things I struggle with is not beating myself up about my mental illness. There are days where I feel like a total jerk for yelling at my hubby. I’m working on being okay with the fact that there are days when I won’t be able to get out bed. Even the days when the chemicals in my brain won’t let me feel “normal”.  

5: Create a Checklist and Check It Off!

I never understood how people said that they loved making lists and then checking it off, but I’ve found that I’ve come to LOVE that feeling. I make a list the day before and then decorate it and plan my day out. The Company I work for is called Full Creative so I get to choose my own hours. Seriously, if I want to just work half an hour, then I can do that. So my checklist could just be checking off the one hour that I work and then whatever else I planned for that such as one load of laundry or even just making our bed for the day. You can use one like my Sailor Moon notebook below. 

Motivation comes in different ways. Some people find motivation in talking in out or exercising. There are tons of different ways but I’ve found that these tricks help me. 

What ways have you tried? Let me know in the comments below.

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As always, keep smiling!!!

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24 thoughts on “How to Make the Day Suck Less

  1. What works for me is cooking, baking and cleaning. But I love the checklist tip for finding motivation. I have a planner I dive into to plan ahead and distract me during difficult times 😉

  2. These are some great actionable tips. I completely agree that spending time outdoors can improve your mental health and I also think that checklists are a good way to stay on top of things 🙂

  3. These are some great tips for breaking the cycle and finding your happy place. Whenever I feel down or off balance energetically, I like to be in nature. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  4. All these tips are very useful for me! I hate being stuck indoors, so getting to be outside would definitely lift my mood. Or at least outside the house. I also like the reward system for motivating oneself.

  5. I think we should all remmeber to take care of ourselves and do these things not only when where feeling down, but everyday! This would help us with overcoming stress and create a positive outlook in life. Good job for this list!

  6. Number 2 is me through and through! There is something about going outdoors that refreshes the mind and takes all worries away, even if it’s just for a short time. It changes my perspective and everything is that litte bit better.

  7. I try to create a checklist but I hardly stick it to! Once I check off one thing I feel like I have outdone myself lol. Nice tips though… 😁 Will sure try them out.

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