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Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack: Sailor Moon and December Income

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission from products bought but I only promote what I already use and love. This helps keep the blog running with great content! You can read my full disclosure policy here..

Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor Moon

How cute are these Sailor Moon(i.e cat moon) bags? I can’t get enough of them! I love Sailor Moon since I grew up watching it as a kid. Technically it was my first anime, other than Pokemon. Even with the reboot, it brought back so many feelings of nostalgia and warm feelings. 

I found this cute store called Sanrense that I quickly became an affiliate for. I was buying from them before I became an affiliate and it’s one of my favorite places to shop other than Right Stuf Anime. Sanrense has more clothes and plushies while Right Stuf has figurines and mangas. It’s perfect for this little fangirl! 

Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor moon

Sailor Moon has made so many of us nerds smile from the beginning. It’s a cute and feel-good show and even as an adult, I still love it. 

Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor Moon


I’ve been on a binge-watching spree the last week since I’ve been sick and Sailor Moon is definitely near the top of my watch again list.  I’ve started Black Butler: Book of Circus and just finished Toradora! which is the CUTEST thing ever! I’m still waiting for the next episode of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir. I need more MariChat moments and Adrienette! 

Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor Moon. OTP Fangirl


If ya’ll don’t know already, I love memes. And funny gifs. I can spend my whole day just looking at them. But I have this thing called a job that keeps me from watching more anime and looking at memes. Dang, it. 

Oh and not to mention, if you get one of these bags, you’ll need to put stuff in them as well! 

Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor Moon Cardcaptor Sakura Japanese Kawaii Cartoon Cat Moon Backpack Sailor Moon Cardcaptor Sakura











I already mentioned these on my Facebook page and I just love them! Who didn’t love Cardcaptor Sakura? It’s a classic in my humble nerdy opinion. The last little tidbit for these is that if you enter the discount code: gloria, you’ll get an extra 10% off! Who doesn’t love that? I know I do!





Blog Income

Now onto Blog Income. Not many people want to talk about it but we all think about it. I mean, is it possible to actually make money while blogging? Some people seem to have a knack for it and I’ve seen reports of people making 300-500 and UP on their blogs.  Well, I’m not that good.  I was super surprised to see that this month I made $1.95 through Shopstyle Collective. My traffic isn’t the highest. It’s usually around 200-400 views depending on the work I do. So I was happy with these results.

Introducing Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder
I’m still learning how other bloggers increase their traffic and honestly, I think it’s different for everyone. What works for one blogger might not work for you.  I still use a lot of Facebook Groups, but I’ve been finding the ones that fit my niche more than the standard “Lifestyle Makeup/Fashion/Grow Your Blog/Travel/Food Niches” that are usually on them. While engaging with them makes my numbers look great that day, usually they won’t come back to my blog and that doesn’t work for me. Why would I want to do that every single day for unreal followers? I’d rather have people on my blog who I KNOW are there because they wanted to be and love it. 

Most importantly, I updated my email list! I’m on a tight budget so I had to use MailChimp and once we can afford it, I’ll go back to ConvertKit which I had at first and I actually really like. When I quit ConvertKit due to money issues, I was getting a lot of spam emails and had no idea what my numbers actually were.  So I had to recreate an email form and update it. 

I became an affiliate of sites that I actually love. Ya’ll already know how much I love Sanrense and I also became an affiliate of EZCosplay and Right Stuf Anime. Sites that I and my targeted audience would actually need and want to read! While it would be awesome to make money off of these, I simply love them and want to share my happiness with others. I’ll keep sharing even when I’m no longer an affiliate. 

My goals for this month is to actually increase traffic views by 100 once more. I’ve found that engaging with others in my niche has helped the most. Not just liking their stuff but actually commenting and sharing. My niche is small but we’re pretty awesome. I want to keep my blog helping those introverts who feel alone. 

Stats: Previous





Subscribers: 1206. These were mostly spam though so I started from scratch and don’t count these. 

Stats: Now

Facebook: 1728

I was SHOCKED by these results. Facebooks Alogorthimim is one of the most frustrating ones I’ve had to figure out. By updating weekly and not every day, TAGGING the right groups I follow and then engaging back, I was able to get these numbers up. For a page that has only been up for a month, I’d say it’s pretty good! Most of my views this month came from there and that was without me posting a new blog post weekly as well. 

Pinterest: 1957

I’ll always love Pinterest. I’m on there way too much but it’s addictive! 

Twitter: 833

Still learning how to use this one for business. I’m following more people in my niche but there’s not a lot of us there. I’ll have to accept that Twitter just isn’t where my group is at. But it still has my updates for Miraculous Ladybug! 

Instagram: 1181

This started off really well but I kind of fell through with using it daily. Since there’s the only link that a user can go through, I struggle with wording my Insta posts so that they could get to the right one. I’m still working on how I can keep it consistent and still look pretty. 

Subscribers: 5

I know this is small but those 5 subscribers mean the WORLD to me. THANK you, THANK you for subscribing and know how much I value you.  You are the reason I keep blogging. 



Once the Holidays are over, I’ll be back to posting more cosplay and updating ya’ll on how those are coming. Venelope Von Scheweetz is next and I’m so excited! She’ll probably become the next profile picture. Now I’m going back to my Harry Potter Marathon…


As always, keep smiling lovelies! 

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