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January Cosplayer of the Month: Rey Marble

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Rey Marble is our January Cosplayer of the Month!

I was super excited to show off one of my favorite cosplayers and have a quick introduction to her. Each month will feature a new cosplayer and I can’t wait to show off how amazing they are! Anyone who has read the blog before already knows how much I love cosplay.  I believe that it helps us to come out of our shells more. I get to escape and become someone I admire for a little while and that gives me strength. 

Let’s Meet Rey! 

What’s Your Name(like I don’t already know):

Rey, though my cosplay name is thetokencatgirl!

How old are you?:


Tell us about yourself:

Well, I’m married with a full-time office job, plus I work part-time accepting commissions for other cosplayers. I don’t usually have a lot of free time. What time I do have is usually spent hanging out with my hubby, our “sons”, a Siberian husky and a mini lop rabbit. I also enjoy playing video games, Magic the Gathering, or reading.
Isn’t her puppy just the cutest?

What made you start cosplay?:

So I’ve always wanted to cosplay, ever since I was eight and first started to watch Sailor Moon and decided I wanted to grow up to be just like Ami! But I didn’t get the courage to actually start until I was an adult. I was in a slump and going through a really bad break up and I realized that I really needed to get out and do things and meet new people to get my mind off of what was going on. A friend invited me to an anime convention and on a whim, I bought a Sailor Mars costume online. I was absolutely overwhelmed and blown away by how well received my costume was and how amazingly kind everyone was to me. I was about 20 at the time and I’ve been cosplaying ever since!

Do you have a favorite cosplayer?:

There are tons of cosplayer celebrities out there that I adore, but my absolute favorite cosplayer is….myself! Haha, and as conceited as that sounds, I think that everyone should prize the fruits of their own labors far above the labors of anyone else. No one else can appreciate your own blood, sweat, and tears the way that you can. For me personally, it’s been an incredible journey. I’m a naturally very shy person, who went from being terrified of having other people notice me and finding it hard to even to high-energy places like a convention, to building my own costumes, being the cosplay contest coordinator and/or judge for several cons, to being paid to build costumes for other people. All of these experiences have helped instill a sense of pride and confidence in myself that I didn’t have before.

Who is your favorite to cosplay yourself?:

Oh, this one’s a hard one for me to pick. I think my most signature cosplay is Sailor Mars. I’ve done several versions of her and it still warms my heart so much to know that I’ve brought such an iconic version of my childhood to life. I love cosplaying Wonder Woman and interacting with people as her because she’s so confident and gentle, and it puts me in a wonderful position to tell kids, especially little girls, that they are warriors with great power and that they should believe in themselves. Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series is fun because the cosplay is super comfortable to wear and it’s completely in character for me to climb all over stuff and jump off of things. The pictures I get while I’m cosplaying her are great!

What is your favorite food?:

Oh gosh. This is the hardest question yet because I’m generally happy when I’m eating anything. Sushi, fruit, and cheesecake are up there. My heritage is Chinese/Filipino, and I could talk all day about the amazing foods that hail from both of those places. (Author’s Note here…I love sushi so this makes me happy. I could seriously only eat sushi every day for the rest of my life).

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try cosplay, but might be afraid?:

I would want to assure you that I understand completely. It’s scary and hard to open up and put yourself out there, especially if you’re shy around new or lots of people and if you feel that your costume isn’t as good as you’d like it to be. But I encourage you to try and grab a friend to go with you because it’s easier to be brave when you have someone to be brave with. You’re not too short, too tall, or too heavy for cosplay. Your skin isn’t too bad nor are you not curvy enough to pull off the character that you want to be. You are exactly perfect the way that you are. ❤ Shareasale 10% for Everything I want to stress that it’s not important that your cosplay be perfect, either. I’ve worn Super Sailor Mars specifically at least three dozen times before and I still forget her heart-shaped brooch half of the time, which is almost as often as I forget to bring the spirit gum to attach my tiara to my head. (thankfully, eyelash glue is cheap and available at most every drug store and works just as good!) Yeah, it’ll bother you at first when you realize that you’re missing your accessory, but you’ll still have fun without it!
Isn’t she just awesome? I’m so glad to have made a friend of her and her cosplays are just awesome! She does commissions as well and I’m already having her do my Marceline the Vampire Queen’s Battle Axe. She’s just that good! Rey is really awesome at just talking about normal things and helping you design your cosplay. I needed help with my Venelope Von Schweets cosplay. Rey lead me straight to the perfect pair when I had been looking for a week! 
I can’t wait for next month when we will meet with Samatha Horn and get an all-inclusive interview with her. Keep on the lookout for more cosplay and anime tips. tricks and laughter here.

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As always, keep smiling! 


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