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January Blog Income

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January Blog Income

The past month has been weird. When I first started this blog, I was in all of these Facebook groups and working basically all day to try and get my stats up. But a few months ago I realized that those were mostly vanity views and I wanted a better and REAL connection with my readers. I stopped using the Facebook groups but I’m still glad I used them.  This little blog is so incredible for me. It’s my diary to write and escape the world around me. Once I stopped writing for others and wrote just for myself, it became even more fun. 

January Blog Income for the Nerdy Girl News

If you’ve read my blog before, you already know how much of a nerd I am. Hello, the name of the blog is the NERDY girl news. I’m a nerd and PROUD of it. I have so many fandoms, OTP’s and headcanon’s that it’s enough to keep me squealing almost every day. 

Even though this won’t be posted for a few weeks, I finally saw episode 9 of Miraculous Ladybug today(the 14th) and I can barely stop looking at all the pictures and re-reading all my fanfictions for them. I’ve been so obsessed with this fandom and I don’t even care. Technically, the definition of obsession is an UNWANTED like towards an object, person, or place, but I totally want this. 

But in between work, reading manga and fanfictions, and obsessing over all my Ladybug and Chat Noir stuff, I try to remember to take time for my little blog as well. I’ve always loved writing and have it done it for as long as I can remember. 

Keeping track of my income and stats for my blog is just a way for me to see how I’ve grown as a blogger and how my own writing has improved. Thanks to the fandom and some really awesome writing prompt, I’ve even gotten back into writing my own fanfictions and not just reading them again.  It’s an incredible feeling, and I hope it can stay.

Now onto the stats! 

Stats: Then

Facebook: 1728. 

Pinterest: 1957

Twitter: 833

Instagram: 1181

Subscribers: 5

Stats: Now

Facebook: 1742

Pinterest: 1954

Twitter: 848

Instagram: 1167

Subscribers: 14


 I had a goal to have everything go up by 100 but I stopped focusing so much on numbers and have focused on quality so I’m still happy with this result. With Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve lost a few followers(Pinterest I lost 3 and Instagram I lost 14) but it’s okay. I unfollowed those not in my niche and can expect for them to do the same. 

 I’ve been clearing up my followers and pins so that everything is actually the way I want it, not just what the current Facebook Group tells me to do.  I don’t do the follow for follow method or the like for like. It’s not real and I want the interaction I get to be real and personal. I want to make an actual connection with my readers. 


Now, did I make any affiliate money this month? Well. yes. I made 3.00 with ShopstyleCollective.  I had 21 products ordered from Amazon but the amount isn’t there yet, so I don’t count that. (Half of those are the hubby buying me stuff for Christmas since I asked him to use my link).  And I made a 1.70 with ShareASale. 

Making money on your website is kinda fun, but I’m not putting real energy into it. I’m here to write, not make a profit. It’s fun to see and I love saving money which is why the Amazon affiliates are usually by family and people I know personally. Sometimes you gotta spend money to make money, right? 


I’m so excited to keep continuing this journey.  The friends I have made and the wonderful and awesome people I have met…it’s amazing. I’m so grateful for all of you. 


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As always, Keep Smiling!


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