Mental Health Survival: Heartbreak and Depression

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Heartbreak and Depression can be hard to deal with.  We’ve all dealt with our hearts being broken at some point in our lives.  And who hasn’t felt depressed at some point? To the degree of staying in your room all day, under the covers, hiding from the world? 

Not brushing your hair..or even your teeth.  It’s tough. On yourself, on your family, on your friends. 

 But we’re here to help. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve made it my mission to help everyone that I can. It’s why I became a Life Coach and started helping people who battled daily with depression and anxiety. 


A few years ago, I wasn’t in the best place. Healthwise or mentally. I was so depressed and kept myself from so many people. I was engaged to a guy that could never seem to remember to call me or even text. Didn’t want to plan our wedding. I was his backup plan. When he broke it off because I wasn’t his “equal”, I broke. My story is just the short version of what has happened to all of us. It sucks, I know. It’s worse than crap on toast.  It knocked the wind straight out of me. 


I was diagnosed with cervical cancer along with my many other health issues. Depression, generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, sciatica, corn allergies, PTSD…blah blah blah.I wasn’t able to hold up my job as it was physically and mentally exhausting.  Verbal abuse was a constant with customers and even though I adored my managers and coworkers, I couldn’t handle the mental issues.


My story is just the short version of what has happened to all of us. It sucks, I know. It’s worse than crap on toast.  It knocked the wind straight out of me. 

At that time, I never thought that I was going to fall in love again.  Instead of the crazy cat lady, I was going to be the crazy dog lady.  

That didn’t happen. Last March, I was married to my best friend. Not that everything is perfect all the time. Far from it. We disagree on almost everything. We don’t share the same taste in foods or hobbies. But we love each other. And here’s the thing about love. It’s not like it shows in the movies or television. It’s a choice you make every single day to keep loving the person next to you. You might not even LIKE your other half on some days, but you always love him. When choosing your other half, pick the person that you want to go through all the hard times with. And who will go through the hard times WITH you.

My best friend and now my husband. A total butthead, but the love of my life. 

Love in these movies and books are an illusion to make young people that love is all daisies and unicorn farts. And it’s not. It’s not perfect, but that is what makes it real.

We all have a piece of ourselves that we hide away and don’t share with others.  I’m here to tell everyone today that you CAN be happy. You can defeat depression. You can beat heartbreak.  You’re so much stronger than you might believe.  You’ve got this, cupcake. It’s going to be tough and harder than you ever thought, but we’ll be here through it all. 

Mental Health Survival Kit. Affordable Text Therapy. Here When You Need It. Visit us today at the Heartbreak Diet.

And as always, keep smiling.

Well, that was kind of a depressing post. Here’s a  picture to make ya’ll smile again. It’s my furbaby, Koda.  

heartbreak and depression

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