Gifts For The Girly Nerd in Your Life

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It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the girly nerd in your life. She loves anime and Studio Ghibli Marathons, and yet she also loves putting cake(i.e makeup) on her face that usually costs more than a car payment altogether. So what do you get her? 

As a proud girly nerd myself, I’ve made a list of gift ideas that WON’T break the bank. You can gift them separately or put them in her stocking for Christmas. Either way, she will love them.  I recently became an affiliate for one of my favorite stores: Sanrense and you can get all the items you see in the post from them! The best part is if you enter in discount code: gloria, you’ll get an extra 10% off! 

For only 25 bucks, you can get a super cute and warm bunny jacket. It comes in white as well so take your pick! 

I love cute little hair pieces and these take the cake! It even has a bow! 

I love purple and this hoodie is perfect! 

Isn’t this one of the cutest bags you ever saw? It has kind of a punk look while still being cute! 

Fuzzy socks are life. Since I work from home, I’m usually wearing fuzzy socks more than anything.  And these take the gold! I’m in love with the panda ones and the cute little pink bear!

Speaking of fuzzy…look at these cute mittens! Fingerless so you can still text or play games on your phone.

I love cups and mugs and these take the cake. They’re just too adorable!





I just love these makeup brushes and the umbrella. I already have way too many sets of makeup brushes, but I can always use more. 


And last but not least are these adorable heart and bow earrings. Simple yet cute. 

Don’t forget to add the discount code: gloria for an extra 10% off! Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, keep smiling! 




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