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Is Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth? Inside the Fan Theories of MLB

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Could Hawkmoth be Gabriel Agreste? Some Ladybug fans aren’t so sure. With season two finally coming up this winter, fans are eagerly waiting to see what the creators are finally going to reveal. One of the episodes “The Collector” showed the elusive Agreste being akumatized which lead some fans to question whether or not he was Hawkmoth. 

In Season One, it’s never been confirmed that Hawkmoth is indeed Adrien’s father. But the coincidence is high. Why else would Hawkmoth have a picture of Adrien’s mom and hold the Miraculous book in his vault? But it leads to the question as well…how could Hawkmoth akumatize himself? Or why?

Gabriel Agreste as Hawkmoth. Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir Fan Theories  (Photo Credit goes Here)

Theory One

Hawkmoth began to suspect that Chat Noir/Adrien knew the truth about who he was and he tried to avert suspicion by akumatizing himself. Though how he expected to de-evilize the butterfly, we won’t know until the series premiere. I don’t know if Mr.Agreste could let go of his pride long enough to let himself act like a fool anyway…

(Photo cred here)

Theory Two

Gabriel’s Twin Brother is Hawkmoth. While this is plausible, I don’t know how much I buy into this one. The idea is that Gabriel has a twin brother who was also in love with his wife and when she died, he became Hawkmoth. 

Gabriel Agreste Hawkmoth Peacock Ladybug and Chat Noir

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Theory Three

Hawkmoth is someone else entirely. Now this one is a stretch but it could happen. I think the creators would just be throwing a wrench into all of our headcanon’s. I’m still holding out that Gabriel is Hawkmoth and will be shocked when he realizes he’s been fighting his son the whole time.

The US premiere of Ladybug and Chat Noir will be December 2017 on Netflix. On one hand, I’m glad we’ll be getting all the episodes at once instead of waiting a week, but I’m still eagerly waiting for it to come out. The panel at comic-con showed a comic being in the works as well as a Live Action Movie. 

We also know that there are more miraculous than just the one BOX that was shown. It makes you wonder what kind of universe that Marinette and Adrien actually live in. I’m just waiting for them to finally reveal themselves to each other and not magically forget. Knowing this show…it could happen. 


What are you more excited to see? The relationship or the new villain? Let me know in the comments below. As always, keep smiling! 



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