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We all could use some relaxing and stress-free moments in our lives, right? As we get older, the magic of growing up fades away and we’re stuck trying to find the right path for ourselves. What major do we choose in College? Do we even want to go to college? What job do we have, who do we marry…the list goes on and on. We end up having demanding lives where most of the time we just want to scream and then sleep for a whole week. 

Well, I can’t fix that for you, but I can provide a moment of clarity with these stress-free coloring pages. Indulge in being a child again and coloring some of our favorite characters from different fandoms. Total disclaimer here, obviously, I don’t own these characters. Fairy Tail, Ladybug and Chat Noir are all own by their creators and I can only thank them for giving me such vivid characters to terrorize with art and fanfiction. 

 All photos are owned by the original creators and I simply made coloring pages out of them for you.