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February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn

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February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn


Wow you guys, this month has FLOWN by! It’s already time to introduce this month’s cosplayer and I just know ya’ll love her. In between sessions of watching The Bachelor and waiting for the next episode of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir to come out, I’ve made time to make sure I sat down with an awesome friend.

Sam(Samantha) is super talented, quirky and exactly the type of person that you would want to know. She’s funny and smart, but more than that, she has one of the kindest hearts of anyone I’ve ever met. She forgives quickly and lifts others up. I’m honored to have become her friend and I hope the friendship can last! 



(regular or cosplay xD) Samantha but goes by Sam/Sam-San Cosplay 



February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn

Tell Us About Yourself:

Well, I’m a nanny, I frickin LOVE mashed potatoes, I have three cats, two geckos, and two budgies! I married my best friend in 2016 and couldn’t be happier! Oh, and I love cosplaying (but y’all probably already knew that heh)

What made you start cosplay?


Honestly, I had revived some LoZ(Legend of Zelda) stuff as gifts and realized it’d be pretty cool to make a cosplay out of it and I did! (Still, haven’t revised my Link..whoops) and it looked pretty rad! I had so much fun putting it together and taking pictures that it kinda just lit the cosplay fire in me! I ended up making some rad friends who cosplayed and showed me conventions and how totally rad they are and the rest is history!

February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn

Do you have a favorite cosplayer?

YES. Her name is Sarahndipity Cosplay and she’s SO amazing! She does a ton of Pinkie Pie (MLP) cosplays that are absolutely breathtaking ❤ and she’s such an amazing and genuine person. I love her.

Who is your favorite to cosplay yourself?

Oh gosh…that’s a tough one! I definitely enjoy cosplaying Louise from Bobs Burgers for sure! But I recently cosplayed Danny from Game Grumps/NSP and I have never felt so cool. So I’m gonna have to call it a tie between them!

February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn


What is your favorite food?

Well I already said I love mashed potatoes but if I had to pick something other than that that’s my favorite?….probably chick-fil-a nuggets

What advice would you give to someone who wants to try cosplay, but might be afraid?

It’s totally fine to be afraid of it, I totally was and it honestly held me back from doing it.  Even though I’m still a noob, I keep learning so much! So I won’t tell you to not be afraid. But, don’t let that fear keep you from trying it! Let it be a driving force to starting! Because you can only go up from there! Don’t let anything haters say discourage you either! There may be people who have rude things to say but take it with a grain of salt and show them how great you are! And try not to confuse rudeness with constructive criticism too because something’s people say may come off mean but they might be trying to help so you can better yourself. In the words of Shia Labeouf…..JUST DO IT!

February Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha HornFebruary Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha HornFebruary Cosplayer of The Month: Samantha Horn




Told ya’ll that ya’ll would love her. Isn’t she just the cutest? If you missed last months cosplayer: Rey Marble, you can check the link here to see her interview! 

 Facebook for Sam-San Cosplay

Instagram for Sam-San Cosplay


I can’t wait to introduce next months as well. I’ve been having so much fun doing these! March is special for me since it’s my birthday month! Woo! So next months cosplayer is actually me! (Insert shameless self-promotion here) but we will also have another lovely person to add so ya’ll can meet some amazing new people and cosplayers! 

And as always, keep smiling! 

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