Diet Do and Don’t


Diet. The word alone is enough to make anyone shudder and wish they had started years ago instead of today.  And the fact that the first three letters of the word spell out die…




Not helping. 


Almost our entire life, we’re told of different diets that we should have tried or be on right now. The Atkins Diet. The Southbeach Diet. Heck, there’s even the baby food diet! I mention those since I’ve personally been on them before. While they DO work, they weren’t a lifelong way of living. But that’s just my opinion and if you like those, then go for it! 

I’ve created a list of Diet Do’s and Don’t’s that I feel that could help anyone who is starting their health journey. I’m not a doctor, but these are just some things that worked for me and I’ve found work with almost every lifestyle you can imagine.  


DON’T diet is the first. Now I know what you’re thinking. Glor, what the heck? The title is called DIET do’s and don’t. So let me explain. As mentioned above, the word diet makes us sad. It feels like a chore we HAVE to do instead of something we actually WANT. While we all want the results, none want to be on a diet.

DO change your lifestyle. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the quote “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” And it’s true. Only pick the ones that work for YOU. Love carbs? Keep them. Let’s face it, how many people don’t actually like carbs? I’m a total potatoes gal and LOVE to heap on the butter and onions and mushrooms. In fact, I laughed at my doctor when he told me I shouldn’t drink my sweet tea anymore because of the sugar.

Seriously? Are you going to tell a South Carolina girl to not drink sweet tea? Bless your heart…


DON’T change everything at once. This technique works for some, but for most of us, we need slow and steady. We’re the toe-dippers in the pool and don’t just dive right in. Start off small, like maybe not having meat with EVERY meal, or cutting your portions in half.  Choose whatever you’re comfortable with and start from there. 

DO tell others. Whether it’s your family or friends. Even a support group online. This helps make you accountable to make sure you actually do something, and when you reach a goal, you have a whole group of people clapping and cheering for you.  When I started my health journey, I joined My Fitness Pal which is free and super easy to use. The support network was amazing!


DON’T judge your progress by the scale. That scale measures your weight. NOT your self-worth. It doesn’t tell you how great your laugh is, or how you make others smile from being such a great friend. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been on both sides of the scale. I was so obsessed with my weight, that I weighed myself every few hours and if I had gone up even a point, I would stop eating and cry the rest of the day. If you want to judge something, then judge how much better you feel. How your smile is growing. How you can play with your children or grandchildren again. 

And my final do of this page is, DO live your life. Don’t let your health or anything keep you from living life to the fullest. You are so amazing and beautiful. It hurts my heart to think that any of you don’t feel as if you can be happy or healthy. You CAN and you will. I believe in you.

As always, keep smiling.

P.S For anyone interested, this is how I lost most of the beginning weight. Works quick and fast! Just click on the little image above.