Inuyasha: Calling All Nerds! Merchandise Included

Inuyasha cosplay the Heartbreak Diet



Inuyasha was one of the first anime shows I ever watched and it was the first one I ever read as well. I quickly fell in love with it. Feudal Japan and an amazing love story were the perfect recipes in my mind. 

Now that I’m older, I’ve re-watched it a lot and it some of it bugs me. I don’t know if I would watch it for the first time at my age now. But it’s also been over ten years and the animation styles have changed. 

I’ve also read way too much fanfiction for it so what’s actually canon and what I believe might be a little different…

There’s the author called Sueric on where she writes this series called Purity. It follows their lives AFTER the Shikon Jewel is purified and their children. Normally I don’t like after stories but DANG! She’s good! I truly believe this could have happened in the Inuyasha universe and all characters stay true to form. 

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There are so many different fanfics for it. It’s in the top three for most written about. And if you google images, you’ll see even more cosplays as well. 


For Comic-con last year, I went as Kagome. I have the ears for Inuyasha outfit and also the Shikon necklace. The WHOLE series(including the final act), way too many t-shirts and buttons/posters. I love my Inuyasha merch! I need more of it.



Who do you ship? Kagome and Inuyasha? Or Kikyo and Inuyasha?  I love seeing how others pair them up. Like Kagome with Kouga. Or Inuyasha with Kikyo. Kikyo’s story is sad. I would ship them except that Kagome is her reincarnation and while it’s sad of her death, she IS a spirit and needs to move on and gain peace.

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