Fairy Tail: OTP and Cosplay For Nerds and Otakus

Fairy Tail. Natsu and Lucy. Visit us today at The Heartbreak Diet


It’s no secret that I love Fairy Tail. For Halloween last year, I dressed as Lucy and I’m working on a Juvia cosplay right now. The artwork, the plot, the fight scenes. I love all the non-canon couples because I’m sure they actually are canon and the writer is laughing at making us wait for character development. 

Here at The Heartbreak Diet, I decided to explore more into the Fairy Tail world. It’s in my top three favorite anime so it makes sense to include it, right? 




I Love Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia, and Galevy. Anyone who says Lucy belongs with someone other than Natsu is wrong. It was canon that the author said that Lucy and Natsu have a daughter named Nali. 


The movie was good but not the best. And Fairy Tail Zero was so kawaii! I loved Mavis and I can see her and Zeref together. 



But I think Ezra and Jellal are my favorite. Ezra is my number one favorite character and I aspire to be like her. Just watch, one day I’ll be like that!

Best of Fairy Tail Cosplay!



Who do you ship? 


As always, keep smiling!