How Anime Can Help Defeat Depression



Helloooo all my fellow otakus and anime nerds. I’m glad you found this page. For those of you who have been following me for awhile, will already know how much of a total nerd I am. I’m OBSESSED with anime, Disney, and Harry Potter. Not exactly in that order…  

So since my main focus is on depression and anxiety, I wanted to create a space where I could put all my cosplay/anime and “nerd” items. Hence, this page was born!

How anime can defeat depression and anxiety. All cosplay and OTP's are included. Visit us at The Heartbreak Diet today.

There is nothing wrong with us nerds. During my battle with depression and anxiety, I found that anime was often my only escape besides reading(and then I would turn to manga). 

Who hasn’t heard of Pokemon? Especially with Pokemon Go finally in our hands. (I’m Level 27 right now). Most of us grew up with our Saturday Morning Cartoons like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, etc…

Well, I’m 25 years old and I still love anime and cosplay. I still LOVE Halloween and getting dressed in costume. My poor children will be subject to this as well. I hope they’ll have a love of reading and nerdy things like their parents.

How Anime Can Help Defeat Depression and Anxiety. Visit us today at The Heartbreak Diet.


I wanted to have a place that explored how much anime can HELP with depression. I’ve seen countless threads on Buzzfeed and Reddit where it’s the opposite, but for me, anime has HELPED with my depression. 

For instance…

Fairy Tail

It’s one of those animes that has them going up against a stronger enemy than before and then winning. How? Well, friendship power of course. I love it since it encourages you to stay close to your true friends and follow your heart. 

Fairy Tail. Natsu and Lucy. Visit us today at The Heartbreak Diet


It’s no secret that I love Fairy Tail. For Halloween last year, I dressed as Lucy and I’m working on a Juvia cosplay right now. The artwork, the plot, the fight scenes. I love all the non-canon couples because I’m sure they actually are canon and the writer is laughing at making us wait for character development. 

Here at The Heartbreak Diet, I decided to explore more into the Fairy Tail world. It’s in my top three favorite anime so it makes sense to include it, right? 




I Love Nalu, Jerza, Gruvia, and Galevy. Anyone who says Lucy belongs with someone other than Natsu is wrong. It was canon that the author said that Lucy and Natsu have a daughter named Nali. 

The movie was good but not the best. And Fairy Tail Zero was so kawaii! I loved Mavis and I can see her and Zeref together. 



But I think Ezra and Jellal are my favorite. Ezra is my number one favorite character and I aspire to be like her. Just watch, one day I’ll be like that!

Best of Fairy Tail Cosplay!







Inuyasha cosplay the Heartbreak Diet



Inuyasha was one of the first anime shows I ever watched and it was the first one I ever read as well. I quickly fell in love with it. Feudal Japan and an amazing love story were the perfect recipes in my mind. 

Now that I’m older, I’ve re-watched it a lot and it some of it bugs me. I don’t know if I would watch it for the first time at my age now. But it’s also been over ten years and the animation styles have changed. 

I’ve also read way too much fanfiction for it so what’s actually canon and what I believe might be a little different…

There’s the author called Sueric on where she writes this series called Purity. It follows their lives AFTER the Shikon Jewel is purified and their children. Normally I don’t like after stories but DANG! She’s good! I truly believe this could have happened in the Inuyasha universe and all characters stay true to form.  There are so many different fanfics for it. It’s in the top three for most written about. And if you google images, you’ll see even more cosplays as well. 





Who do you ship? Kagome and Inuyasha? Or Kikyo and Inuyasha?  I love seeing how others pair them up. Like Kagome with Kouga. Or Inuyasha with Kikyo. Kikyo’s story is sad. I would ship them except that Kagome is her reincarnation and while it’s sad of her death, she IS a spirit and needs to move on and gain peace. 


Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir

Season 2 is going to be out soon and I can’t wait! Again, this anime makes you happy with childish delight. It also frustrates you to no end with wanting the main characters to reveal themselves to each(FINALLY). 

Okay, I LOVE Ladybug and Chat Noir. And of course, I  even love Marinette and Adrien. I grew up always loving anime and this is no different. Watching one of the world’s most FRUSTRATING love SQUARES makes me happy. Every time I watch this, I have to hold back muffled screams and equal amounts of squeals. 


Marinette and Adrien versus Ladybug and Chat Noir. I ship it! Best OTP out there in Otaku World

The love square that brings us all to tears. Adrien and Marinette versus Ladybug and Chat Noir. Best OTP out there in otaku and anime world.

You see Adrien is in love with Ladybug

Marinette is in love with Adrien

Chat Noir is in love with Ladybug

Ladybug is in love with Adrien

But Adrien and Chat Noir are the SAME FLIPPING PERSON just like Marinette and Ladybug! They refuse to let their alter ego know who the other is even though they’re in love with each other. It’s frustrating and addictive to watch. 

Marinette being oblivious to Adrien OBVIOUSLY being Chat Noir. Season 2 of Miraculous ladybug is set for this Fall! Can't wait. My otaku anime heart is so excited. Adrien and Marinette.. Cutest OTP there ever was.

It is the cutest French/Korean animated story I have ever seen. Season two is coming out this November and I can’t wait. There is supposed to be a big reveal. Fans(myself included) are thinking they will FINALLY reveal themselves to the other or we’ll see who Hawk Moth(Non-scary Villian) is. But we all know it’s Adrien’s dad. If it isn’t, then there is going to be a LOT of confusion. 


Ladybug and Chat Noir. Battle for Paris and their hearts. Number one OTPLadybug and Chat Noir FINALLY kiss. Best OTP in anime/otaku land.Two hearts, One Soul. Adrien and Marinette. Ladybug and Chat Noir. Pure love, One OTP


Hawk Moth is going to be SO upset when he finds out that he has been trying to destroy his own son this entire time. It’s assumed that Adrien’s mother had the Peacock Miraculous since why else would the Miraculous book be behind her portrait? 

I keep telling myself not to laugh but I fail everytime. Funny Markiplier and Miraculous Ladybug






I’m excited to see where they will go with this. There is supposed to be a season 3 as well but I’m holding out for this Fall. The new villain is supposed to be worse than Hawkmoth but we’ll see. Personally, I think Lila would be a great villain since she’s already evil. Chloe is a spoiled, whiny brat but I don’t think she’s evil. Just mean. Chloe might have a redemption arc in this season but who knows? Until then, I keep holding my Tikki and Plagg plushie dolls until I get some answers.


 Now, obviously, I don’t own the characters because let’s face it…if I did, I probably wouldn’t make us wait that long for our ships to become canon. 

I would love to see who your favorites are!  Send me a pic, comment below!

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There will be more posted later on the actual blog. I can’t wait to add more to this website and I hope you enjoyed checking these out. You all are so amazing and awesome. I appreciate all of you. 


And as always, keep smiling.