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Anime can cause depression, right? Well, no. Anime actually HELPS with depression and anxiety. There is nothing wrong with us nerds. During my own struggles with feeling down, I found that anime was often my only escape besides reading(and then I would turn to manga). I used to love reading the ShojoBeat magazines and falling into the world of Absolute Boyfriend and High School Debut. 



How Anime Can Help Defeat Depression and Anxiety. Visit us today at The Heartbreak Diet.


 I’ve seen countless threads on Buzzfeed and Reddit where it’s the opposite, but for me, anime and cosplay have HELPED with my depression. Anime like Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir….it’s helped so much. It’s given me a place to belong and express myself in ways that I couldn’t otherwise. 


Take makeup artists for example. There are several opinions about this, but I love seeing all the creative looks that people can come up with. Makeup is such a therapeutic tool that can enhance the features you already have. With the right tools, you can also completely change your appearance. 

Cosplay is the same way. It’s not just the outfits, it’s the makeup as well. You’re the epitome of a character that means something to you, that has qualities that you admire. And while you wear that cosplay, you feel like you show the same qualities in that moment. It’s empowering and uplifting. 

Photo cred to Sam-San Cosplay

Cosplay doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy and cheap as you like! One thing I’m proud of is finding a cheaper DIY way to make really awesome cosplays. It’s an amazing and fun process that lets you get absorbed in a project. 

One cosplay I’ll be doing soon is Venelope Von Schweetz from the cute film Wreck-it-Ralph. I already love hoodies and I can’t wait! The candy in her hair means I can eat decorate the hair in so many cute and fun ways.  

There will be a Marinette and Adrien cosplay soon which I’m super excited about. I’ll be doing Marinette and my best friend Genevieve will be dressing up as Adrien. I’m lucky to have such good friends that I can cosplay with. Naturally, there will be lots of photos taken and embarrassing moments to follow. 

I seriously love Ladybug and Chat Noir. It’s been forever since I let an anime consume my soul, but this one is amazing! We’re also watching Black Butler now and I LOVE Sebastian. I can’t wait to finish it so I can start my cosplays. 

As an introvert, I’m always inspired by cosplayers. It allows us to feel brave and to open up in more ways than we might not have been able too. 



One thing I love about being a nerd is all the greats styles that come with it. Cosplay lets us be another person for a little while, but our everyday style can show bits and pieces of who we are. 



I love being comfy while expressing my style. Cute and comfy is my favorite! You can click the photos to get your own cute and comfy outfits! If you enter in the discount code: gloria, you’ll get an extra 10% off! 

There will be more posted later on the actual blog. I can’t wait to add more to this website and I hope you enjoyed checking these out. You all are so amazing and awesome. I appreciate all of you. 


And as always, keep smiling.