Who already has their costume ready for Halloween this year? I know I’ve been putting it off for awhile since I’ve been so busy. We’re having a costume contest at work and I decided to create something new this year. Last year, I went as Ariel in her human clothes, but I wanted something a bit more creative this time. While browsing Pinterest, I found a lot of steampunk Ariel costumes and fell in love.     I had a lot of fun with this cosplay. My main inspirations came from these cosplayers I tried to find the original artist or the photographer but the imagesRead More →

  “Am I ugly?” If you ever try to type those words into a search bar, they are usually the first ones that pop up. In today’s society, there’s an undeniable amount of pressure to look and act a certain way. I’m not even talking about Hollywood or celebrities. While yes, they have the pressure, I’m talking more about us everyday folks.  I am ugly. And no, that’s not to hear protests of the opposite. I mean that in today’s idea of beauty I have always been rated a 7 on my best day. That’s with the right outfit and my hair done and myRead More →

Could Hawkmoth be Gabriel Agreste? Some Ladybug fans aren’t so sure. With season two finally coming up this winter, fans are eagerly waiting to see what the creators are finally going to reveal. One of the episodes “The Collector” showed the elusive Agreste being akumatized which lead some fans to question whether or not he was Hawkmoth.  In Season One, it’s never been confirmed that Hawkmoth is indeed Adrien’s father. But the coincidence is high. Why else would Hawkmoth have a picture of Adrien’s mom and hold the Miraculous book in his vault? But it leads to the question as well…how could Hawkmoth akumatize himself? Or why?  (Photo CreditRead More →

Motivation is hard to come by when you’re depressed. It’s hard even if you’re just tired, or stressed out. Last month, I started my new job and I found that after the new job high wore off, I was struggling to stay motivated. I looked on Pinterest, which is my go-to for almost everything, but most of the motivational quotes were for working out or heartbreaks. Which, yes, is exactly up my alley, but I was looking for something more specific. I wanted a list of ways to help when you’re depressed but still need to keep working.   So, how do we stay motivated whenRead More →

Being an introvert can tend to get you a bad rap. Throwing depression and other mental illnesses on top of that can make our lives a whole lot harder. As an Introvert, we physically and mentally get exhausted just by being in the same room with another person. Usually, after just half an hour of being around someone, I have to go to another room and just sit in the silence. I won’t really be doing anything, I’ll just be recharging and calming down.  People make me nervous. Anyone who has read my blog before knows this. I went to a doctor two years agoRead More →

I would like to thank Mama Thrift for nominating me for The Blogger Recognition Award.  A brief story on how The Heartbreak Diet started blogging : I started blogging last May after I had to leave my job and was bored at home. I had tried starting a blog before but didn’t really keep up with it. Seeing as how I can barely stand up for more than a few minutes now, I figured I could really devote the time and effort to this. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve met so many wonderful people and friends.  The Heartbreak Diet’s advice to new bloggersRead More →

Are we ugly? Here’s some real talk here ya’ll. Dealing with depression comes with some baggage. One of the main issues is our self-esteem. I’m not even going to sugarcoat this: we think we’re ugly. Like some creature that some scientist would find and proudly proclaim… “and zis is vhat ve discovered in ze zwamp!”  (He has an accent). I don’t even remember the first time I looked at myself and thought I wasn’t pretty. I have only brothers so I grew up wearing their hand me-downs and playing sports and was the epitome of the tomboy. With my nose stuck in a book andRead More →

  Wouldn’t you love to have a Life Coach tell you exactly how you can reach your goals? I know of several mornings where I would love to just have a do-over on my day or just stay in bed the whole time. Sadly, we all have to do this thing called “work” so we can afford Netflix and sushi… Just me? Okay. Sometimes I also spend money on my furbaby as well. She’s spoiled.    Many of you who follow my blog already know that I battled cancer and WON earlier this year. Due to the chemotherapy and other medications and illnesses I had,Read More →

The truth about depression can be difficult to talk about. Every one of us has dealt with a depressing moment in our life. For some of us, it’s a daily and lifelong battle.  One thing about depression is it is an invisible illness. On the outside, if you look at someone, you can’t tell that they’re depressed. Even our social media accounts can’t be trusted. Nowadays, you can schedule your posts and photos on all of your social media, so if you wanted the truth about what your day is like…it wouldn’t always be there.  Some people might wonder why someone with depression can help othersRead More →

  I don’t believe there is a single person in the world today that hasn’t felt worthless at one point in their life. We’re taught from an early age to do better, BE better. And in some cases, we fall short. There is ALWAYS someone is better than us. Just like we’re better than someone else as well.  Depression makes it harder to not feel worthless. It builds up on our insecurities and then plays on it. We’re walking up a slippery ice slope, only to slip and fall all the way back down to the bottom. Recently, I had an intense conversation with someoneRead More →