(Warning: post contains themes that could be a trigger for some readers. Mentions suicide). Have you ever had the question whether you matter or not?  I recently watched a show on Netflix called 13 reasons why and have to say how much it tugged at my heartstrings. If you haven’t already seen it, let me tell you. It’s based off a book about a young girl named Hannah. She left behind tapes explaining 13 reasons why she committed suicide.  I remember reading this book in High School and crying my eyes out. Watching the actors portray it on Netflix was no different. Throughout those yearsRead More →

How do you lose weight the easy way?  Losing weight can be tough. So many people want to know how they can lose weight and they can lose it fast. Especially when you have depression. Stress, anxiety, and depression cause our weight loss to become harder.      For those you who have followed my blog, and my story, for awhile, you may remember that I was once a lot bigger. At my heaviest, I was 200 pounds. Now I’m 120 pounds and I’ve kept it that way for years. I’ve changed my diet so often, it’s crazy.  I started off with Garcinia Cambogia weightRead More →

 Monetize your blog…seems to be a hot topic from bloggers lately. Last month, I wrote a post about How to Earn Money at Home and the last thing I had talked about was blogging. I mentioned that I would do a more in-depth post on blogging, so here ya’ll go! This is how you can monetize your blog.    Now, I just started this blog about three weeks ago. Last month, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had to go on a medical leave from my job. I was going crazy healing from surgery(I’m cancer free now, so don’t worry ya’ll!) and having toRead More →

Illness…of any kind are not fun. Whether you’re stuck with the flu for a week or are on crutches after breaking your leg playing soccer. Big or small, being sick is no ride in the park.  But the blog post this week is going to be about another kind of illness. The invisible kind.  And one I personally have. Cancer of the cervical kind. In today’s society, if you mention the “c” word, people get uncomfortable or give you the pity look.  I’m here today to put those thoughts aside and help anyone who might be going through anything like this. It’s not just cancerRead More →

 Every girl should know these makeup products.  It’s a ritual for a girl to go through the sparkly blue eyeshadow and pink cheeks look in the daytime when she’s a kid.  Just like our diets, the type of makeup that works for one girl might not work for another.  Our skin types are different and even our face shapes are as well.  For instance, I have to stay away from sparkly eyeshadow and stick with more matte shades since they make my eyes look more open and not closed off.  But finding the right ones is part of the fun.  So, without further ado, hereRead More →

It’s hard to save money. If you’re like most people in the world, you’re probably living paycheck to paycheck. It would be nice if we could get paid for simply breathing like some celebs that we know(looking at you Paris).  But that’s not the case for most of us.  I live and grew up in a very small town. You had to drive half an hour to get to a major store like Wal-mart and getting a job was no different. Some people are only making 7.25 an hour and others 10. We’re lucky enough to be making 10/hour but even then, it’s still paycheckRead More →

All brides-to- be understand the terrifying task of trying to have our dream wedding and not break the bank either.  We want to be able to enjoy being married. Not tearing your hair out over the color of napkins and dessert plates.   Not to mention, being an introvert, it can be terrifying to be a bride. As a recent newlywed, I created this list of how you can have a decently stressed free wedding AND only spend about 1500. That’s INCLUDING your honeymoon.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. That can’t be done, right? Or it was super tacky and not that great looking. Read More →