About the Author

The About page. One of the most daunting pages that an author can write…or, well…type in this case. You wonder if anyone actually reads this part of a blog. Do they actually care that you once won a taco eating contest? Or even if that’s relevant at all to this page. See blog post here about losing weight. We were just talking about tacos…




I’m Gloria and I help people just like YOU reach their goals so that can have more fun, become happier and kick their depression and anxiety in the face!

 Writing is a way of putting yourself out there. Being real and letting your voice be heard in a more quiet way while still making an impact on the lives of people. I’ve been writing since I could first pick up a pencil. 



It wasn’t that long ago that I was overweight, jobless and in a very unhealthy relationship. The food was my comfort and my self-esteem was as at all time low. Fast forward five years and I’m now married to the love of my life and with a great job. My weight has dropped and I have stayed at the same weight for two years now. Blogging is my passion and I want to be able to help others who felt the way I once did: worthless and unlovable. Because we do deserve to be happy. YOU do. 

Let me describe a scenario for you and tell me if it sounds familiar. You’re out in public just wishing that you could be home in sweatpants and with your laptop, but instead, you were at a food place with your friend. They’re outgoing and seems to radiate energy while you’re still messing with that frayed hem of your t-shirt, looking down and trying to seem confident while really wanting to be anywhere else.


You order your food, trying not to blush when you receive weird looks from ordering apple slices and water(or the healthiest thing you can there) while your friend super sizes their burger and fries. They tell you to lighten up and just order the good stuff and not “that rabbit crap.” Maybe your friend has good intentions but you feel your insecurities rise up and no amount of food will be able to stuff it back down and away from your heart.

Then you remember the bag of chocolate you have in your room…

We’ve all had scenarios like this. The settings might change but the feelings don’t.

I can remember so many times I felt like this. And while it comes from complete strangers, it can come from friends and family as well. Our interests and hobbies might sound odd to others, but they’re what make us unique. There’s a stereotype about being girly and into makeup and fashion that you can’t also be a nerd and into cosplay and video games.

Let’s just smash those stereotypes right now. I’m both of those things. I also love nutrition and yoga. I’m OBSESSED with certain anime’s even though I’m 25. We’re who we want to be and the right people(the smart ones), will love us how we are now.

For the longest time, I dreamed of being able to work from home and be able to support my family. I’ve always had a passion for helping others. So I became a Life Coach. Specifically, a Life Coach who helps people struggling with depression and anxiety.  A coach helps guide and encourage people. They are not a perfect person in any way. My mom had to show me how to put staples in a stapler when I was EIGHTEEN! 

We’re real people. We have issues like you do. But we’ve learned how to cope and handle it. We’re simply helping. We’re more of a guide. 


And as always, keep smiling my friends.