13 Reasons Why (You Matter)

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(Warning: post contains themes that could be a trigger for some readers. Mentions suicide).

13 reasons why you matter

Have you ever had the question whether you matter or not?  I recently watched a show on Netflix called 13 reasons why and have to say how much it tugged at my heartstrings. If you haven’t already seen it, let me tell you. It’s based off a book about a young girl named Hannah. She left behind tapes explaining 13 reasons why she committed suicide. 

I remember reading this book in High School and crying my eyes out. Watching the actors portray it on Netflix was no different. Throughout those years and some of my adult life, I struggled with depression. I had several thoughts of ending my life and one night, I actually attempted it. That was 5 years ago, and I’m so happy I didn’t succeed at it. 

That moment in my life is one of the main reasons I became a Life Coach. I want to be able to help people defeat their depression and anxiety and realize how much they’re really worth. Today. I’m married to my best friend and have a happy and fulfilling life. Oh, and the person who saved my life and made sure I stayed?

I married him. He has been my biggest support during the journey I made, trying to defeat the demons and believe that I mattered. Before he was my husband, he showed me that I was worth it. And I’m forever grateful for him. 

You, my dear readers, DO matter. So instead of 13 reasons why you should leave, I’m going to tell you 13 reasons why you matter and why you should stay.

1.  There’s Someone Who Needs You

I know you might not believe it, but there is always someone that needs you. Six of them, actually. Studies have shown that for every one of us on earth, there are at LEAST six people who depend on us, even without saying words. 

2. Your Pet Will Never Understand and Be Unhappy

You know how your dog always comes up and licks your face every day when they see you? To them, five seconds is like five years. They won’t understand why you’re not there anymore and that’ll hurt them more than anything. Your pet will never be the same after you’re gone.

3. Solo Dance Parties

Have you ever just been cleaning your room or house and just start dancing around? I only clean with music and it sometimes takes me longer, because I’m dancing around. 

4. Singing in Your Car

Same with singing in your car. Like when any song from Journey comes on, I belt that out at the tops of my lungs. It makes you feel alive and carefree. 

5. Your Family Will Never Be The Same

This one will be harder to explain. But, despite what you might think, your family won’t understand. There are those who have legit family issues with abusive families and for those, I’m so truly, deeply sorry. I hope you know that you deserve better than that and need to be with people who love you. They DO exist. 

As a teenager, I went through the phase that my parents didn’t understand and could be better without me. I think everyone goes through that phase honestly. But the truth of it is, your parents DO care.

6. Your Own Place

You’ll get to have your own place and decorate it any way that you want. You can have jelly beans for dinner and not wear pants as long as you want.  Those pictures you want to hang up? Go ahead. It’s YOUR home and you can make your own rules. 

7. Your Children

No matter how old your kids are, they need you. They will never be the same without you. If you don’t have kids yet, then you’ll be missing out on the ones that will always need you. 

8. You Have a Purpose

Everyone has a purpose in life. It might take some time to find what it is, but it’s what makes life so great once you do. I once met a young woman in the store who said that the only reason she came in on my days at work, was because I made her laugh… I had no idea the impact I was making on this woman, but it made my purpose clear: I was here to help others smile and find joy. You have one too. 

9. Your Wife/Husband

They’ll miss you. They love you already. My husband is my daily support. On the days when I start to feel sad, he brings me tacos and we talk about it. He holds me and tells me how amazing and strong I am. Your partner will do the same. Maybe without the tacos, but they’ll make you feel loved. You’ll be sitting on the couch and they’ll be singing off-key to a song while making cookies. And there will be an inner happiness that you never realize was there.

10. Sunsets and Sunrises

Have you seen those sunsets where the sky turns into that mix of purples and pinks? It just takes your breath away. After my attempt at ending my life, there was a sunset that brought me to tears. All I could think of was how beautiful it was and how I almost wasn’t there to see it.

11. Better Days Are Ahead

At this moment, you could feel like it’s never going to get better, but it WILL. I can promise you that. Maybe not in an hour or even a day, but things will get better. There will be music and great food, laughs and beautiful moments that you’ll be so happy you didn’t miss.

12.  You are You

There is not one single person on this planet that is you. There’s a report out there saying that there are at least seven people out there who look just like you, but not a single one of them is you. They won’t act like you or talk like you. All of their likes and dislikes will be different from yours. What makes you special, is what makes you, well…YOU. And the world is a better place because you are in it.

13.  You are Loved and Matter To Someone

There are so many people who love and care about you. They care what happens to you. Heck, care about you. You matter to me. There are always people out there who care about your happiness.

So there you have it. 13 reasons why you matter. I hope you know how important you are. If you ever feel sad, or unimportant, please, PLEASE reach out to someone.  I’m one click away. Message me ANYTIME. I’m serious about that. This isn’t just a job to me. It’s my passion and purpose in life. And I’m on Team YOU.

As always, keep smiling my friends.

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27 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why (You Matter)

  1. Perfect list. I think everyone has battled depression at some point and some far worse than others but this is a solid list I think anyone can respond to. I hope people can learn to talk about mental illness more openly.

    1. It was hard for me to watch the show. My hubby had to calm me down when I first watched it since it brought up a lot of emotions for me. I really hope anyone who feels alone or has depressing thoughts KNOW that there is someone who cares for them.

  2. Beautifully beautifully stated. I especially love the quote in the last image. It is so important to remember that is not what defines someone as a person. xo

    1. Exactly! So many of us think that our issues and our depression/anxiety are all that we are. I hope I can help others to see that we are so much more than that. We may have these issues but they do NOT define us. Keep smiling my friend!

  3. I really like what you did as a “spin off” from the book/show. I too watched the show on Netflix and though I found it extremely heartbreaking and real, I couldn’t help but feel like they focus on the wrong side of the equation. I love that your post focuses on why you should stay, not why you should go. It is so important for young people (and older as well) to understand how they have the power to transform their life and outlook for the better!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story, and for sharing these reasons. Anxiety, depression, and suicide are important topics that need to be discussed, not swept under the rug. Not only does it help the person suffering, but it also helps others understand a little bit better what those suffering are going through. These reminders are very valid. I tried to pick my favorites from the list, but I couldn’t. They’re all my favorite!

  5. This list really gave me chills, a close family member of mine committed suicide last year and I wish they would have realized so many things this list points out. Thank you for sharing this, i’m going to pin it.

  6. I often write about depression, anxiety and etc. I think that you are on the right track, your post really made me aware that we can remind ourselves of our good qualities. It’s important to write down the good that we see in ourselves because we’re often reminded of what’s wrong with us. It’s easier for people (family, friends, loved ones, strangers, acquaintances) to let us know what’s wrong with us. How about we remind ourselves of everything that’s lovely about ourselves??? Great post!

  7. Such an important post on an important topic that too many people are scared to talk about. I’m so glad to hear that you found your reason for life, and that you are now able to work with others to find theirs. These are absolutely fantastic reasons to choose life. Thank you for sharing these and your story! 🙂

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