“You’re not a real gamer girl. You’re just wearing glasses and holding a controller.” “Name two other games besides Candy Crush and Pokemon Go.” I can’t tell you the number of times this has come up in real conversations. There’s a stereotype of the elusive “gamer girl” and not all of them are good. In fact, over half are NOT. If you look up in just a regular search engine for gamer girls, you usually find scantily clad women biting on the edge of a controller and leaning over suggestively.  Women, in general, are already objective by their peers. We’re judged based off of whatRead More →

It can be hard to find the perfect gift for the girly nerd in your life. She loves anime and Studio Ghibli Marathons, and yet she also loves putting cake(i.e makeup) on her face that usually costs more than a car payment altogether. So what do you get her?  As a proud girly nerd myself, I’ve made a list of gift ideas that WON’T break the bank. You can gift them separately or put them in her stocking for Christmas. Either way, she will love them.  The best part is if you enter in discount code: gloria, you’ll get an extra 10% off!  For onlyRead More →

  How many times have you been told that you’re not really depressed? That you’re just lazy instead? I know I have heard it so many times in my journey through depression and anxiety. Everyone and their mom wants to give an opinion on why we’re being quieter that day or maybe we’re not leaving our rooms. I don’t know about you, but my room is my haven. It’s where I can go to recharge and calm down after a stressful day. I’m not being lazy, I just physically and mentally cannot deal with life at the moment.  <br /> As a cosplayer, some people expectRead More →

Ya’ll already know how much I love puns.  Chat Noir/Adrien is pretty much my spirit animal with all his puns. It’s always helped with dealing with depression and anxiety. And with this colder weather…I need it.  Seasonal depression isn’t a myth. It’s a real thing. Near the end of the year, when the weather gets colder and the skies turn darker for longer, people find that they just feel depressed more often than they would in warmer and sunnier days.  People start to feel SAD for longer periods of time and don’t always understand why.  But luckily there are things that we can do toRead More →

Everyone has their own style. It’s a way of expressing yourself. Even as a cosplayer, you can add your own sense of style to the cosplays to make it your own. Usually, that’s a gender-bend of a character and I absolutely love seeing those! I already love Disney and this one is one of my favorites! I included the link so that you can check out these awesome gender-bend cosplayers!    As I started this blog, I was overwhelmed by all the different advice I was getting. I wanted a place to voice my fan theories and show the cosplays I had created on aRead More →

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated our income report or shown more on what it’s like to work from home. I knew I needed to update ya’ll as well so I decided to get off my butt(HA!) and put this together.  Working from home is definitely a blessing. In a super cold and windy town like ours, I’ve never been more grateful that I don’t ever have to leave my bedroom and can wear fuzzy socks with no makeup as often as I would like. But there’s still a dark side to it. When you work from home, you basically have to be your own bossRead More →

  Harry Potter Merchandise Haul! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Harry Potter. I could talk for HOURS about the series(books more than the movies) and all my canon’s, headcanons and otp’s. I love it so much in fact that the husband proposed during the Yule Ball they had in Salt Lake City and our wedding was Harry Potter themed(along with a gaming theme as well). We had chocolate in case of Dementors and my bridesmaid gifts had wands included for the wand chooses the bridesmaid.  They were so yummy! We had milk chocolate candies and we also created golden snitches out ofRead More →

Wigs are essential for a cosplayer.  If you’re a cosplayer, then chances are that at some point, you’ve needed to take care of your wig or wigs. Maybe it’s become so tangled that you can’t use it or it just has too much hair product in it from constant styling(I’m looking at you, Yusei hair). Regardless, there’s an easy way to take care of your wigs and go right back to modeling your favorite characters.  It’s better to actually have a wig brush for this. I recommend this one if you’re not sure what type to get. When I first started cosplaying, I had NORead More →

“OTP: Shipping anyone, anytime.” You should never underestimate a fangirl.  We’re lurking in every corner of the Earth and then some. Like Pennywise the clown, we’ll find the smallest ounce of fear and then feed on it if we feel attacked. Or just for the Lol’s. Okay, maybe not that far, but we are pretty serious when it comes to us and our OTP. For those of you who don’t know what OTP means, it stands for One True Pair and it’s generally a term for a pairing or a couple that a person prefers more than the other.  While this article is about Miraculous:Read More →

Suicide. I’ll go ahead and post a disclaimer here that this post contains triggers for those with depression and other mental illnesses. Suicide isn’t something that is talked too much about openly. It’s more taboo. You’ll read about it on Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Tumblr. You’ll see articles about it on Pinterest. Rarely though, does anyone openly tell their surrounding peers…”I almost committed suicide.”Or maybe “I’m having suicidal thoughts.”  Sadly, by the time most of us know…it’s too late.   Five years ago, if someone had told me that I’d be writing about suicide prevention, I probably would have laughed. Mentally, but I still would have. On theRead More →